Customizable Cleanings

We offer customizable cleaning for those who only desire certain items or rooms to be cleaned. This allows the customer to be in charge of what they want done.

Residential Basic Cleaning

Restrooms - Disinfect and clean toilets, sinks, showers, countertops.

Bedrooms - Straightened & linens changed if clean ones are made available.

Kitchen - Disinfect and clean countertops, exterior of appliances and interior of microwave and sinks.

All rooms and other areas - Sweep / Mop / Vacuum depending on type of floor, Light dusting and empty trash

Office Cleaning

This service requires an onsite visit followed by a written proposal on services to be preformed.

( most small offices are similar in scope and nature to a residential basic cleaning )

Make Ready & Spring Cleanings

These are generally top to bottom cleanings, with a lot of customer input as to what they want done.

Chalet Cleaning Services​           PO Box 8673, Edmond, OK 73083


Thorough Cleaning

All of the above basic cleaning items Plus.

·Cleaning baseboards, blinds, light fixtures, dust/polish furniture, spot wipe walls, vacuum drapes, and some other special requests.